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One-stop Shop for Belize excursions

Reef Ruins & River Adventures knows that it can be a challenge to book international vacations and to coordinate all of your excursions, which is why we are here to be your one-stop shop for everything there is to do in Belize excursions.

Seamless and Memorable Belize Excursions

Between our team of licensed tour guides, and our partnering hotels, we coordinate your vacation from the moment you land in Belize to your departure from the international airport. You need not worry about whether you have a ride from here to there or if you are going to be able to do the tour you desire, we are here to make sure your Belize excursions are seamless and memorable.

Check out our reviews below to see how we create Belize vacations that you will never forget.

Belize History and Adventure You Wont Forget

Belize is a country of rich history and geography. Located south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is home to many famous Mayan Ruins, jungles, caves and incredible sea life. Here you can be zip lining and visiting a Mayan temple by horseback one day and scuba diving the next.

Belize Barrier Reef

Belize Barrier Reef

Belize has the longest living barrier reef in the world and in these tropical waters the reef is vibrant with colors and diverse sea life. This combination creates ideal conditions for water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Ambergris Caye Sea Tours

Reef Ruins & River Adventures Belize sells sea tours including fishing, snorkeling, beach barbecues, sunset cruises, scuba diving, parasailing, Caye Caulker visits, and so much more!

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Belize Fishing Tours

Our fishing tours include: deep sea fishing for tuna, marlins, wahoo, dorados and whatever the deep sea has to offer; flat (or fly) fishing for tarpon, permit & bonefish; spear fishing for lobsters and reef fish; or go reef fishing for snappers, amberjacks, barracudas, and grunts.

Ambergris Caye Snorkelling & Diving

We have many snorkel tours available including Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, Mexico Rocks, Tres Cocos, Caye Caulker and the Blue Hole just to name a few. Being that Belize is located along the Meso-American Reef, there are hundreds of diving locations in Belize, the most famous being the Blue Hole.

Ambergris Caye Scuba Diving

Belize Blue Hole Tours

The Blue Hole is an all-day three tank dive to explore the unique underwater formations in this natural wonder. The tropical warm, clear waters as well as the extremely diverse reef makes Belize one of the most sought after locations for scuba diving and snorkeling tours.

San Pedro Mainland Tours

Reef Ruins & River Adventures Belize also sells mainland and jungle tours including trips to the Mayan Temples and Mayan Ruins, zip lining, ATVing, waterfall hikes, cave tubing, horseback rides to the ruins, and helicopter tours.

Belize City Adventure Zipline Tour
Lets Eat Lunch

Belize Food Tours

Local Belize food tours include chocolate tours, rum tastings, Belikin factory the beer of Belize, Marie Sharps Hot Sauce, and restaurant tours serving local dishes. Belize has such rich culture and it is apparent in the local flavors of the Belizean dishes.

Belize Wildlife Tours

Explore the wildlife of Belize. Whether on the mainland, on an island, or under the sea, there are so many tours for experiencing the wildlife of Belize. Belize is home to the only Jaguar preserve in the world, a baboon sanctuary (where you are actually seeing the different monkey species), a Zoo where you can view pumas, ocelots, tapir, monkeys, crocs and more, iguanas roam freely and have a sanctuary of their own, and did I mention Jaguars?

For all the riches you can find on land in this country, there is a whole different world to discover under the sea.

Our sea-life is abundant and beautiful. Belize is home to whale sharks, manatees, several species of dolphins and sharks, octopuses, crabs, lobsters, eels, tropical fish galore, sea turtles, and the list goes on.

Allow our team at Reef Ruins and River Adventures Belize to help create the vacation you will want to relive again and again.